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3D Laser Scanning

The Next Generation of Data Analysis

Nextgen Offers our 3D scanning technology and software used to generate, visualize and measure with a high level of accuracy for any kind of project.

With our software we can develop 3D site modeling of existing and new facilities, refineries, piping line systems, site batteries, and storage tanks.

Nextgen takes 3D scans in the field that our experts register into a 3D point cloud model that provides important structural information to our customers.

No matter what type of 3D solution you are looking for, our software and expert team can help generate it. As we continue to develop and expand our own offerings; and grow our partnership with Blackwolf, our experts in 3D Analysis and Modeling: we understand the challenges of the field, the value of reality capture, and how to create solutions to our client's needs.

Our 3D Scanners Capture Reality



Q: Why use our 3D Scanning Services?

A: Speed, Value and Turnaround

  • Effective Analysis and quick report turnaround.

  • Professional, trained and skilled staff.

  • High quality standards.

  • Detailed Charts, Graphs and Imagery.

We use portable 3D laser scanners that capture reality as data that can be critical to your business, and used in any Architectural, Engineering, Construction or Inspection application.

Having a 3D model of your project saves time, guesswork and money.

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