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Advantages of Nextgen

All personnel are extensively trained on the latest state of the art technologies both developed inside and outside the company. Created in-house tools tailored for the jobs we perform, from automated UT crawlers and drawing generation to analysis software.

We have combined our inspection experience with some of the top minds in the academic world of 3D laser scan data and software developers to create a proprietary tank analysis software.


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Report Turnaround

Nextgen prides itself in our industry leading report turnaround time. From leaving a detailed field report before leaving site to meeting any specific customer requests we ensure that clients can plan for any repairs in a timely manner to help reduce asset downtime. We have designed in-house drawing software automation to provide timely and detailed CAD drawings that are incorporated in the final report. This provides clients with a detailed description and locations of any repairs and can be shared with repair contractors to ensure all code requirements are met. 

Client Relations

We are able to be responsive to our clients' needs by having a leadership group that is actively involved in all inspection projects. We are proud of our company culture, and it shows in our results and our efforts to exceed client expectations.


Our efficiency and consistency enable us to quote and schedule projects accurately, minimizing costly delays, and to actively change orders to ensure your inspection finishes safely, on time and on budget.

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