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Drone Inspection

Nextgen offers a Drone Inspection System that allow our clients to have a remote view of any area with difficult access or high elevation in an easy, safe and effective way. Drones provide an initial view that gives us a better idea on how to plan an inspection or provide a recommendation.

Our drone pilots are the definitive experts in this area, they are also deeply rooted in Oil and Gas Inspection. With this technology, we reduce the need for personnel to enter hazardous or structurally compromised environments.

Drones allow us capture a large area from the safety of the ground. We use structure from motion photogrammetry software that can process drone video, photos, and flight path data into a 3D model that can be used for land surveying and site planning. This technology can be use in a multitude of industries and we provide reports, as well as videos, plots, measurements: all valuable information.

Reaching New Heights With Our Remote Inspection Drones

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