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Ultrasonic Crawler

Remote Thickness Testing

Nextgen offers a solution for remote thickness testing on the shell and roof surfaces of storage tanks, piping and any ferrous metal structure.

We designed our robotic crawlers in-house to provide the best access and maneuverability, with rare earth magnets that allow the robotic crawler to move in any direction on ferrous material.

Crawler Photo 2.jpg

Zero-Turn Radius

Our crawlers are equipped with zero-turn radius and battery powered to provide flexibility and easy access for a variety of inspections. We control the speed of our crawlers to provide an accurate inspection and save time to our clients


We can generate A-Scan and B-Scan graphs of a surveyed area that can ensure an area is safe and structurally sound for personnel


Q: Why use our Remote Inspection Services?

A: Experience, Quality and Turnaround

  • We have many years of experience and can provide a quality service and a quick turnaround.

  • Providing information to our customers about possible defects on tank shells, piping, or any kind of ferrous structure: which has the potential to save companies from expensive equipment failure and costly downtime.

  • Remote thickness testing has many uses in the Oil and Gas industry as well as the construction Industry. 

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